Conference and Exhibition Floor Plan

– Stand 7 – Huawei

– Stand 8 – Huawei

– Stand 9 – Oracle

– Stand 10 – Accenture

– Stand 11 – Sigma

– Stand 12 – MYCOM OSI

– Stand 13 – Broadway 14 – UK5G

5G Testbeds and Trials Demo Area

5G Testbeds and Trials Confirmed in the Demo Area include:

– Stand 1 – AutoAir – 5G testbed for connected and autonomous transport technology.

– Stand 2 – 5G RuralFirst – Rural coverage and dynamic spectrum access, testing new approaches and business models in access and agritech.

– Stand 3 – Worcestershire 5G Consortium – This project is exploring ways to increase productivity in Industry 4.0 by using robotics, big data analytics and augmented reality with 5G.

– Stand 4 – 5G Rural Integrated Testbed (5GRIT) – trialling innovative uses of 5G technology across a range of rural applications, such as smart agriculture, tourism and connecting poorly-served communities.

– Stand 5 – 5G Smart Tourism – Using technology to offer tourists new experiences in major attractions in Bath and Bristol.

– Stand 6 – Liverpool 5G – Working together to reduce the digital divide and transform lives through improved health and social care.

“5G Realised” Summit to showcase real world 5G trials kicks off in April 2019, UK Government supporting

As part of a 2 day high-level Summit bringing together top international industry leaders, Juliet Media is partnering with the UK Government (DCMS) 5G Testbeds and Trial (5GTT) Programme to explore real applications for 5G and, crucially, how to realise them.

The event builds on the 5G infrastructure core and will then feature 8 workshops led by industry experts from the respective verticals to further investigate and demonstrate the use cases in each industry, making it the perfect platform to demonstrate UK Government’s 5G

The Government’s 5GTT Programme is running a series of projects (first phase) across the UK to deploy and test 5G technology, in a number of places and sectors, thus helping to identify deployment, business and technical challenges that may impact future 5G Networks. We will be working with 5GTT to help demonstrate these projects at 5G Realised.

Alongside the array of work being undertaken by industry players in the UK and beyond, the 5GTT Programme is delivering a number of exciting projects looking at potential use cases for 5G connectivity, across a number of different sectors. This event will be focused on the
demand pull that these sectors are and will increasingly be creating for 5G.

Margot James, Minister for Digital said:
“Our ambitious programme to make Britain a world leader in 5G has seen groundbreaking testbeds and trials set up across the country. This event is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate some of this leading work to the world and bring Government and industry together with the aim of unlocking the revolutionary benefits of 5G across the economy and wider society.”

“5G is not just another mobile generation, it is a global platform for the automation and digitisation of almost everything we can think of, said Michael Barrell, Founder of 5G Realised Summit. “We are delighted to partner with UK Government to demonstrate some of the great opportunities that 5G can offer not only to the UK, but also to the world.”